Paying my Obamacare penalty amidst news of repeal & replace bill

Today I’m working on my family’s tax returns so I’m going to start off with a more personal perspective on the whole Affordable Care Act debacle. Also today the offical Obamacare replacement bill dropped, thanks to senator Rand Paul. So yes, some light at the end of the tunnel, but until this thing is officially gone it’s going to cost me and my family a boat load. I know that the leftists get their panties all in a bunch whenever repeal is mentioned because “so many people will loose their insurance or won’t be able to afford it”. Well let me tell you, both of those things happened to my family entirely BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE!
My husband lost his insurance 2 years ago. Due to the steep increase in premiums we could no longer afford to insure all of our three family members. Unfortunately because we are both so industrious and work full-time we are not eligible for any healthcare subsidies. However we are also both full time parents simultaneously (no daycare) and therefore don’t have any childcare write-offs.
Finally, to screw us a little harder, the penalty for not having insurance is based on family income if you are married filing jointly. So even though 2 out of the 3 of us are covered by a very expensive health insurance plan, we have to pay a jacked up fine as if the entire family was uninsured!
When will this robbery end!


It’s not that Libertarians are against accessible & affordable healthcare. Just because we don’t want the government to do something, doesn’t mean we don’t think it should be done.
Sure the healthcare industry effects the economy just like every other major industry in America does (housing, oil, automotive, manufacturing, etc.) and I’m glad the left has finally taken an economic standpoint on an issue. We too want quality healthcare at an affordable price for all Americans, we just think the best way to achieve this is by removing government interference and enabling free markets.

Since & even before the inception of the ACA, Government has inappropriately controlled our healthcare in many ways:
* Government and a handful of insurance companies have a virtual monopoly as payers. Because of this, they make most of the decisions about what kinds of healthcare are available.
* Government regulates where, when, and who may open new healthcare facilities.
* Government agencies greatly slow development of and access to new medicines, devices, and technologies that may improve quality of care and reduce cost of care.
* Government dictates what our heath insurance plans must cover

And as for the individual mandate… Come on folks,  It’s the most unconstitutional and enraging part of this whole mess. How it passed through the judicial branch I’ll never understand. The mandate is forceful and authoritarian and flys in the face of the values this country was founded on.

Thank goodness that as of today we’re offically on the road to repeal!



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  1. I soooo feel your pain! The county I’m in only has one healthcare company to choose from! Is that a choice? Ha!
    I wrote a rant post about that situation… I can’t even go to the 2 nearest hospitals, as they don’t take it! Seriously. This poop had got to change.


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